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Candy's Shop
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Author Candylickherr
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🍫Welcome to Candy’s Shop where anything goes and the treats are Good N’ Plenty.🍬

You’ll never know what sweet treats you’ll find between those pages! I suggest y’all take a journey to find out…

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My chosen pen name is Candylickherr. The name stands out and is unique like the books I write. I’m a newly published author and I was born to write unique stories. So far, I have six novels published and plans for many many more. I’m creating my own lane one book at a time.

In my books, I love to explore all relationship dynamics with a twist. I put a spin on urban romance and drama. I’m unapologetic about the stories I tell. My novels crossover into different genres with twists and turns. I love writing stories about how people choose to live their lives and the consequences of their actions.

My mission is to bring openness and remove judgment. No one should be judged on how they choose to live their lives. Especially, if it’s not causing physical or mental harm to another.

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