Best Wardrobe Solutions

Best Wardrobe Solutions
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Best Wardrobe Solutions
Company Size:
6 to 20 Personnel
Short Description:
Best Wardrobe Solutions is an International Fashion Technology Company who provide men with a family of innovative fashion accessories, wardrobe resources and free mobile app to help them look and feel their BEST!
Long Description:

What makes our company unique? With the invention of our patent-pending product, the Best Pocket Square Holder, it is arguably the best men’s furnishing of the 21st century. The product solves a 100-year-old problem of falling and shifting pocket squares that won’t stay secure in a man’s suit jacket pocket. This product has attracted the attention of celebrities, professional athletes and fashion-conscious men all over the globe.

Men make purchases based on three major factors: NEED, FUNCTION & FASHION. The first, of which, is need. Our understanding of the male-buying cycle has been essential to the growth and future of our company. This shopping cadence answers the question(s) of whether the product or service…
…meets a NEED and/or solves their problem?
…FUNCTIONS well and can be used repeatedly?
…meets their style and/or FASHION requirements?

Our proprietary product, Best Pocket Square Holder, gets a resounding yes for satisfying all three areas.

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(844) 757-5500
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