Bold Addictions

Bold Addictions
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Bold Addictions
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1 to 5 Personnel
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Creating smiles, conversations, and compliments with statement jewelry. Helping women develop a signature style to fit their high-class lifestyle & professional resume.
Long Description:

Why are we here? Initially, we helped women create their look of the day with just the items in their closets. Maybe they couldn’t afford new clothes each season but needed to stay trendy, cute, and current. Offering them bold jewelry to pair with their clothes was ideal. Now, times are different, times are better, these women have grown into professionals, their children no longer require so much money, they’ve gained the needed confidence to get the promotions at work. Now, these women want big, bold, colorful jewelry to match their personality and their overall look. These women need conversation pieces in their closets because they are professional, mature, and ahead of all things STYLE. These women know how to keep themselves looking good and aren’t afraid to keep their styles relevant by any means necessary.

How are we making the world a better place? We create smiles, conversations, and compliments. We boost confidence levels, we help women look good in their clothes, and we help them develop a signature style that fits their high-class lifestyle and professional resume.

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1020 Park Drive
Unit 755
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