Deity Beauty Supply & Boutique

Deity Beauty Supply & Boutique
Business Name:
Deity Beauty Supply & Boutique
Company Size:
1 to 5 Personnel
Short Description:
Deity Beauty Supply and Boutique is a multicultural beauty supply store and timeless boutique . Rather your seeking natural hair care products or exclusive apparel for your next outing. DBS has you covered. We offer SAME DAY DELIVERY in STL. We ship within the USA.
Long Description:

Deity Beauty Supply and Boutique are former owners of a boutique business that ran from 2009-2017. From the start of that business a beauty supply store was the dream. As we launch our new business we married the two. We are excited to bring you something the beauty & fashion industry lacks. Customer service, satisfaction, and respect is at the top of our list. As we start as an online and mobile company we are actively seeking a physical location. We look forward to serving our city and beyond!

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Business Address:
1200 Lake Saint Louis Blvd
Ste 1021
Lake Saint Louis
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