Dyamic Participators Enterprise Incorporated

Business Name:
Dyamic Participators Enterprise Incorporated
Black Owned?:
Yes – We Are 100% Black Owned
Woman Owned?:
Yes – We Are 100% Woman Owned
Veteran Owned?:
No – We Are Not Veteran Owned
Do you make or manufacture your own products?:
No – We Are a Service Only Entity
Company Size:
6 to 20 Personnel
From Us to You:
We would love to hear from you and what wellness events or activities can we bring to your church, family reunion, neighborhood, school, or organization
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We affirm that Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness are all correlated and must be incorporated into all aspects of our daily lives. We endorse this trilogy by these means: professional consultation, motivational workshops, community outreach activities, virtual events, motivational material, youth mentoring activities and symposium style methods. We also form partnerships with churches, profit & non-profit organizations, federal entities, community outreach projects, family reunions, local schools & districts and all other interested parties. These techniques are not all inclusive of the variety of services we offer because we realize that as our company continues to grow, new ideas, data and customer demands may warrant updated innovative methodologies
Let’s build healthier communities by focusing on our health and wellness of the members of church, family and business. We can aid in creating unique programs to focus on your immediate wellness needs. Without builders and doers the vision to build and grow for a prosperous future cannot flourish with a wellness program to help your team stay mentally, physical and spiritual well. Let’s collaborate on wellness fundraiser to fund your vision. We travel or bring virtual programs to benefit your wellness vacancies. We are and will forever be in a pandemic, let put forth a fight to survive as we build greatness. Contact us and let talk.

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Annette Watson-Johnson
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4407 Garfield Ave
St. Louis
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