GiGi’s Famous Wing Sauce, LLC

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GiGi’s Famous Wing Sauce, LLC
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1 to 5 Personnel
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AHA! & GIGI’S Partnership Strategy


The purpose for this project is to generate revenue such that AHA! & GiGi’s may begin to provide services for unemployed and underemployed youth and young adults between the ages of 17 and 24 years of age. Across the United States and especially across the Metropolitan Statistical Area for St. Louis Missouri, unemployment rates are as high as 28%. Many agencies and businesses argue that there are not enough young people that are skilled enough to fill vacant job positions. AHA! and GiGi’s believe that this dilemma provides fertile ground for the opportunity to present this revenue-generating nonprofit enterprise that will equip Saint Louis Metropolitan area youth and young adults with the tools, skills and training necessary for them to become gainfully employed and productive members of community, family and society.
Long Description:

AHA! & GIGi’s will focus initially on the food truck business, followed by manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales of the sauces as well as the training, skills building and employment of the youth and young adult populations.
Our food truck business will feature wings flavored by GiGi’s Famous Wing sauce. GiGi’s Famous Wing Sauce is an excellent departure from the sauces currently on the market in the local region. Its robust flavor has a uniqueness that sets it aside from that of most nationally mass produced sauces.

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St. Louis
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