The Covington Connection (Realty) LLC

The Go To~ Can Do~ Will Do Brokerage
The Covington Connection (Realty) LLC
The Go To, Can Do, Will Do Real Estate Brokerage

I LOVE Saint Louis! I’m a simple native Show Me State Broker/Owner of The Covington Connection. Born, raised and educated right here in Missouri. I have a combined 10 years of expertise in the real estate industry & a reputation for placing clients’ needs, goals and objectives at the forefront of every transaction.

My negotiation, marketing and management skills coupled with my in-depth knowledge of Saint Louis area’s neighborhoods and real estate market sets me apart & has earned me a place in the Missouri upper echelon of highly respected real estate professional.

I specialize in the sale and purchase of homes and estates in the Greater Saint Louis Area. I also lead the way in personal qualities, professional strengths and people skills. I am not just a Realtor to my clients.

I have been called: voice of reason, therapist, life coach, parent specialist, Go to ~can do~ Will Do Realtor & most importantly FRIEND.

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The Covington Connection (Realty) LLC