Managing Executive Message

A Word from Our Executive Director . . .

Introducing our new Executive Director, Porscha Anderson.

Porscha Anderson has joined Heartland St. Louis Black Chamber Of Commerce as Executive Director.  Porscha has a degree in A.A.S. Degree in Management Support and brings over 15 years of entrepreneurship experience to her new role. Entrepreneurship and economic development is at the heart of Porscha’s goal driven mission as the Executive Director. Her mission is to provide business owners with the tools and resources to bridge the wealth gap by creating a sustainable and thriving business.

Porscha is the founder and CEO of Porscha Anderson, LLC, a highly successful coaching and consulting firm that specializes in helping entrepreneurs and organizations create and implement business growth development strategies through curriculum development, course facilitation, 1:1 business coaching, seminars and workshops.

As lead consultant, Porscha has successfully worked with organizations like The Urban League Women Business Center in developing, facilitating, and coaching their flagship Entrepreneurship programs Ready. Set. Launch. And The Savvy Entrepreneur. Over 300 startups in the St.Louis Region have greatly benefited from the impact Porscha has made in the business development space.

Before accepting the roles as Executive Director with the Chamber, Porscha served as a consultant with the Heartland’s Black Chamber Of Commerce in providing operations support with the development and implementation of the Regional Minority Business Accelerator and business development center. This center is the realized vision of the Chamber’s Board Of Directors and now houses over 20 businesses.

Porscha currently serves on the Board of Directors and as project manager for Easton Development Corporation, a community based development corporation in which she and the team works responsibly in the redevelopment of the Business district of The historical Wellston Loop district in North St. Louis, MO.

As a visionary leader, Porscha’s mission is to inspire, impact, and empower those that come into her sphere of influence. She has dedicated her life and career to helping entrepreneurs discover their true purpose and passion, turn it into profit, and create a life of true wealth and abundance.

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